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Topics of Interest
The technical sessions of the conference will consist of invited talks and original contributory papers reporting theoretical and experimental research, development, design, testing and measurement work.
The topics of interest include but not limited to

Knowledge based software engineering
Aspect-orientation and feature interaction
Business Process Reengineering & Science
Communication Systems and Networks
Component-Based Software Engineering
Computer & Software Engineering
Computer Animation and Design Contents
Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery
Design & Process Engineering & Science
Information Systems Engineering
Internet and information systems development
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Object-Oriented Technology
Reengineering, Reverse Engineering
Requirements Engineering
Reverse engineering and maintenance
Safety and Security Critical Software
Web Engineering, Web-Based App
Software architecture and design
Software components and reuse
Software dependability, safety and reliability
Software economics and metrics
Software engineering for mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive systems
Cloud Computing
Software Process Models
Software processes and workflows
Software requirements engineering
Software Reuse and Metrics
Software testing and analysis
Software tools and development environments